Members Access to Their Personal Records and Member Only Information

The information on this page will help registered members of FUMC sign up for and use the church's AccessACS system, a securely encrypted system that allows members to view their personal church records, as well as information on activities, groups, and committees to which they belong. This allows an individual to view his or her record of giving without having to wait for quarterly statements. This pledge and contribution information is treated with complete confidentiality. A member can only view his or her own records on-line. The system is password protected and all information is encrypted.

A member must have a AccessACS user ID and password to access this information. Below are listed instructions for signing onto this system. For those who have already obtained a AccessACS user ID and password, the link at the bottom of the page will take you directly to the AccessACS login page. A link may also be found under the Communications tab on the main menu.

For more information on AccessACS, see What is AccessACS?  

If you have any questions or concerns please contact, Bob Doughty, Church Administrator or Caroline Easley. Finance Manage

Instructions to Log Into AccessACS for the First Time

Ensure your current email address is in the church’s ACS membership database. If you have been receiving emails from the church, your email address is in the system.

If you have not, then you need to ensure that your current email address is in the system by sending an email to our membership secretary Sherry Lindsey before registering with AccessACS. You will also need to know exactly how your name is set up (William, not Bill, etc.).

Click Here for further instruction.


AccessACS Login

ACS Church Life App


By using our secure AccessACS database you can: 

  • View your current giving record and serving commitments
  • Give one-time or recurring via bank account debit under the Giving tab on the AccessACS page
  • Update your contact information
  • Access small group contact information

If you have not already done so, please make sure the church has your correct email address. The church must have that in our database to set up your login information. For more information about this process, see the My FUMC section above.