Stewardship update


Last month we noted that at the beginning of our 2017 Excel in the Grace of Giving pledge campaign, we set a goal of $1,186,000, which represented an 8.2% increase over the 2016 budget. Thanks to your generosity our 2017 pledge campaign netted 3% more than that goal. Along with this bold goal we suggested five new initiatives which would allow us, as a church, to promote lifelong discipleship. These are the initiatives: 

  • Increasing Mission Giving from 6% to 7% 
  • Hiring a part-time Youth Ministry Assistant
  • Developing new educational experiences with an enhanced curriculum for all ages of our Sunday school program
  • Providing enhancements to the Barber Christian Life Center to support our Sonday Praise Worship Service. 
  • A cost of living increase for FUMC staff persons. Last month we shared that we are honoring that first initiative. 

This month we’re very pleased to share that we are honoring the fifth incentive, providing a 2% cost of living increase to FUMC staff members, effective in April. Due to the financial constraints we encountered last year, no increases were granted to our staff in 2016. In light of their many contributions and dedication over the past two years, an increase is not only overdue but well-deserved. Stay tuned for more good news as we work together to transform these incentives into realities! Kim Jordan Stewardship Chair