communications request

Please read the Communications Guidelines click here before submitting a Communication Request.  All requests may be edited for clarity and length per the guidelines.

The communications request form allows one to notify the church staff of requests for the sharing of information to the congregation or persons outside the church though various media, including the Word, Worship Bulletins, Pulpit Announcements, Email Blasts, Newspaper Ads, Press Releases, and this website. 

Please check the communications media in which you would like your article to appear. You may check all that apply. Deadlines for submissions are given in parentheses after each media type. 

NOTE: This is a request for communications only and not for any needed facilities or equipment.

The information in this guide is to help provide detailed information as to what we do on a daily basis, individuals responsible for seeing that mission through, as well as contacts for our many missions. Should you want to begin engaging with one or more of our missions, please contact the respective contact for it (contained within the guide).